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Les Paul’s Final Dream of the Ultimate Humbucker Pickup Comes to Life!

Tom Doyle has had the experience that most guitar players could only dream of, working closely with Les Paul as his right hand man, guitar tech, and co-inventor for over 45 years. It was said that Tom could hear the same things tonally that Les could, and this ability has led to a set of PAF pickups that carry on the legacy of Mr. Les Paul. In the last few years of Les’ life, he never stopped in his pursuit to create a humbucker that was clean, clear, and articulate, with lots of bell-like chime and presence. Les always loved the rich tone of a high impedance PAF… but modern humbucker recreations always had too much mud, fizz, and sloppiness for his taste.

Now, thanks to detailed notes and prototypes passed from Les to Tom, Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers produce all the sonic qualities and clarity that Tom Doyle is certain his mentor and longtime close friend was striving for. It was quite frustrating to Les that the guitar that bears his name had pickups in it that were in his opinion, sub-par, lacked fidelity, were muddy on the low end, lacked sting definition, string separation, and an articulate response…

As an homage and a tribute to his friend and colleague, Tom has created the pickups Les had always dreamed of… The last invention of Les Paul’s illustrious life! We could not be more proud of these pickups, and now the guitar with Les’ name on it, finally sounds like it was supposed to… just awesome.

Every single player, collector, semi-pro, and professional that has installed a set of our pickups in their guitar has been beyond impressed, beyond overjoyed, flabbergasted and thrilled! The common consensus is that it’s like going from 2D to 3D… and it’s like taking a wet blanket off of your amp. We hear this over and over, and over from our satisfied customers.

Make your Les Paul be all it can be… all it was meant to be!


Our friend Les Paul was working tirelessly in the last 5 or 6 years of his life to create the cleanest, clearest humbucker he could - and we have all of his experimental winds, all of his notes, labels, parts, etc... piles and piles of the stuff. Tom & Max pored over all of Les' notes, analyzed all the different experiments, measured the readings on all the prototypes, and kept chugging along in the direction Les was headed. You see, Les felt that if there was obviously going to be humbuckers in the famous guitar that bore his name, then by God, he wanted them to have clarity, sharpness, and sparkle... and not have that muddy bottom end that so many double coil high-impedance humbuckers have… and we did it!

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