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Aged Kluson Supreme Tuners Nickel ~ Pearl Keystone Buttons
For Gibson Les Paul ‘59 R9 – Improved 18:1 Ratio!


Get and Keep your Les Paul in tune… and still have and keep that aged original vintage vibe!

Now get the tuning ease and stability of the “Grover Mod”, but stay vintage correct with real Klusons! That old hacked Grover mod worked great… and got you the better tuning you needed, but it looked pretty damn awful. The shape of the housing was wrong, the ghost of the original tuners stuck out like a sore thumb, and there was an empty hole showing where the other mounting screw was…. Yuck!
Well not anymore!

For decades Kluson based their tuning machines on a 12:1 gear ratio. In the 1990's Kluson upgraded to a 15:1 gear ratio but there was a demand for an even higher gear ratio. In response, Kluson has taken the original stamped steel design and added an 18:1 gear ratio for more tuning stability than ever before! This design bears the name “Kluson Supreme” in double rows on the housing. Don’t let the looks fool you with this “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. This new model gives you the vintage stamped steel appearance without altering the basic design of the original tuning machines. This means you can retrofit them with no modifications to your vintage or vintage style instrument! The housing and button style are period correct for 1956 - 1960 production dates. These feature the standard vintage string thru post.

We’ve meticulously hand aged these amazing upgraded tuners to go straight onto your Les Paul Historic 1959 Reissue R9 or similar style guitar. All the vintage Mojo… with all the tuning ease and stability that was always lacking in the vintage Les Paul.

This set comes complete with both bass and treble side tuners, 8.8mm O.D. vintage bushings with 1/4 inch I.D. and mounting screws.

Aged Kluson Supreme Tuners Nickel ~ for Gibson Les Paul - Improved 18:1 Ratio

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