The Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES Holy Grail ’59 Les Paul Harness w/Real Bumblebee Paper-in-Oil Caps… You get everything you need in order to completely rewire your entire Les Paul guitar!


Our Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES ’59 Holy Grail Harness uses specially spec’d CTS 550K audio-taper potentiometers with an 8% +/- tolerance rating. Most factory and factory replacement pots are spec’d at 500K. Our pots are rated 50K higher than “stock” pots in order to let your guitar’s signal flow to the amp better and with less resistance. Audio taper spec gives the pot a gradual increase in volume through the entire shaft rotation, so you’ll immediately notice that each turn of your volume and tone knobs actually do something now… the tonal possibilities become endless! Our entire harness is grounded with 20-gauge bus wire… just like the original ‘59 guitars were back in the day. And just like in the late ’50s, we use REAL handmade paper-in-oil foil rolled Vintage Bumblebee .022/400V capacitors… not cheap mylar caps wrapped in black plastic! There is a difference… and that difference makes all the difference!   You’ll be amazed about how your guitar comes alive and how many variations in tone you will be able to achieve when you upgrade your guitar's harness.

Each pre-wired harness includes the following:

(4) CTS 550K Premium Custom Audio Taper Potentiometers with 8% Tolerance. These are not your standard issue CTS pots. Although these are marketed and labeled as CTS 500K, they are actually spec'd at 550K to ensure that pots meter no lower than 500K. These pots have a very responsive sweep and are metered for optimal placement in the harness.

(2) Genuine 50's Sprague Bumblebee .022/400V +-20% Tone Capacitors. Handmade REAL paper-in-oil with vintage sleeving. These are the real deal. Not cheap knock off reproductions.

*We've also included the pre-wired Les Paul vintage switch with vintage braided pushback wire, and new jack ... You get everything you need in order to completely rewire your entire guitar!


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