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Before the girl fronted “gypsy” themed English/American mash up band most people have come to know since around the mid 70’s, Fleetwood Mac was originally an English Blues Band bearing very little resemblance to the band most people know today. After leaving John Mayall & The Blues Breakers, English guitar player Peter Green started his own English-Blues band in 1967, and decided to name the group after drummer Mick Fleetwood, and bassist John McVie, and not after himself. Green was quite ahead of his time, quite ingenious and very prolific with his electric blues style music, played on a Les Paul… which at the time was a relatively new thing. That now famous honky and nasal Les Paul out-of-phase sound actually was an accident done out of naiveté and a lack of understanding how humbucker pickups work, or how they are wired… a “happy accident” if you will. Peter himself admits that it was a mistake, and he didn’t realize what he had stumbled into until everyone around him kept telling him that his sound and that Les Paul guitar of his was “Magic”. Turns out that the magnet on the neck pickup had inadvertently been flipped from north to south, and the pickup itself also had been installed backwards or upside-down in the guitar… with the pole piece screws facing in the wrong direction. That confluence of blunders created a sound that became synonymous with the young Mr. Green, with early Fleetwood Mac, and so many of their now seminal “standards” from the original blues lineup.

In or around 1970 Green left the band and became quite disillusioned with the music business, and later decided to sell his Les Paul to a one Mr. Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy fame. The two had been friends, and Gary always had admired the instrument. Peter felt he no longer needed the guitar since he was out of the business, as far as he was concerned. Peter also knew that the guitar would be in good hands, would be cared for, and that great music would be made with it… and he was right!

While a guitar can indeed be wired out of phase, it simply doesn’t sound the same as the physical “magnet flip” on the neck pickup. When the magnet is reversed, and the guitar is played in the middle position, the two pickups are then magnetically out of phase with each other… producing that now famous nasal honk, sweet treble boost, and the sound produced is responsive to pitch. Meaning the higher the note the more pronounced the effect is… that doesn’t happen without the physical north to sound magnet reversal. Wiring it out of phase just doesn’t cut it… it’s just not the same.

So… if you’re a Peter Green fan, or a Gary Moore fan, and want that unmistakable “Magic Tone” these are the pickups for you! This “Greeny Mod” set is exactly our original Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers - Same components, same recipe, same process, same everything… Just with a reversed magnet in the neck pickup that really delivers that amazing Greeny tone that you’re searching for.

You get a FREE T-shirt with your order of our TRU-CLONES PAF Set & Complete Deluxe Holy Grail '59 Wiring System Combo!

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