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Tom Doyle was Les Paul's "Right Hand Man" for over 45 years - Tom was Les' close friend, his personal guitar builder, his co-inventor, confidant, and his soundman for 27 years... among many other things. Suffice it to say that two were very close. Most people don’t know this, but Les Paul was working very diligently in the last years of his life in an attempt to clean up the Humbucker pickup. He felt that the bottom end of the frequency response was muddy and unclear, and he fervently wanted to fix that. It seems everyone thinks that Les only had an interest in low-impedance pickups… but that is patently untrue and blatantly false.

Les had an incredible passion for making things “just right”... and would tinker, test, and experiment on things he wanted to fix, tirelessly - almost to the point of obsession. His constant passion towards the end of his life was for getting the high-impedance humbucker to come alive, and deliver that clarity that he so desired. As an homage to his long time friend and mentor, Tom Doyle has brought Les Paul's Dream of a clear, articulate, harmonically lively humbucker pickup to life... READ MORE ABOUT TOM HERE


Our friend Les Paul was working tirelessly in the last 5 or 6 years of his life to create the cleanest, clearest humbucker he could - and we have all of his experimental winds, all of his notes, labels, parts, etc... piles and piles of the stuff. Tom & Max pored over all of Les' notes, analyzed all the different experiments, measured the readings on all the prototypes, and kept chugging along in the direction Les was headed. You see, Les felt that if there was obviously going to be humbuckers in the famous guitar that bore his name, then by God, he wanted them to have clarity, sharpness, and sparkle... and not have that muddy bottom end that so many double coil high-impedance humbuckers have… and we did it!

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