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Do I need long or short shaft pots?

This is a common question with regard to Les Paul guitars, and is probably the most asked question we get. Les Paul guitars do use both, depending on the model of course. We recommend measuring the threaded portion of the pots you have already, if at all possible. If the threaded portion is 3/8" long, then you need a short shaft pot. If it is 3/4" long, then you need a long shaft pot.  Generally speaking the only Les Paul’s that would call for short shaft pots are the very early vintage ones… or any of the modern Custom Shop Historic and Reissue stuff, like your R9 Models, True Historics, etc. Almost all other Gibson USA Factory Les Paul guitar such as Standards, Traditionals, Classics, and so on require long shaft pots - due to the thickness of the top. But we recommend that you check your guitar or do a search for your make and model specifically.  here's what they look like

Should I get the Complete '59 Harness... is it necessary?

We most certainly recommend our Complete ’59 Wiring Harness… Our pickups and the high grade harness were developed together actually. Its the best way to let our pickups be all they can possibly be. We have CTS custom make our volume and tone pots with special 550K high audio taper specs with very high tolerances. This so that all the signal moves through the system. With our harness, each little turn of the volume and tone knobs actually do something now, and will change your guitar’s tone and shape of the sound. Its quite amazing how many tones you can now get out of a Les Paul! Most guys just seem to put everything on 10 (dimed out) and GO. But with our Complete '59 Harness you can really tweak and tender your tone... the combinations are virtually endless. Also, our capacitors are real paper-in-oil vintage style boutique caps… we call them “Silver Bullets”. The supposed "Bumblebee" caps that Gibson puts in their guitars are nothing more than cheap mylar Wesco 32PL’s… wrapped in black plastic with stripes painted on… they should be ashamed!   click here to see

Should I get these pickups wax potted?

We DO NOT recommend wax potting our Vintage style PAF pickups. In order to achieve that True Vintage sound and feel, go with NO WAX. Proper Vintage late 50's PAF Humbucker pickups want to be ever so slightly microphonic (just a little) in order to capture the subtle nuances of the wood of your guitar, your pick attack, the sound from your hands, etc, etc. Wax potting does not impact tone per se, but in our opinion wax potting will “sterilize” your sound. Our pickups are made to very high tolerances and most of the air and the spaces are compressed out of them to avoid feeding back or that dreaded “squeal”. We would only perhaps recommend wax potting if you are playing at outrageously high volume pressures (like say you were playing Madison Square Garden) or if perhaps you are installing these pickups in a hollow body “F” Hole style guitar that sometimes howls or gets away from you. In short, we highly recommend Vintage correct unpotted version… it’s the Standard. So again – Don't Steal the MOJO... Go with vintage unpotted!

Can I return any items I purchase here if I change my mind or my circumstances change?
Because of the size and the boutique nature of our business, and the nature of our product all sales are final, no refunds or exchanges are permitted. So be sure you are ready to make a proper purchase.

Can you make me these pickups but with a higher output or different magnets?

Our specially designed pickups are a matched set… each with a slightly different wind, gauss, process, and output, etc. The bridge pushes a little more than the neck... as you might expect. We do not offer custom winds - These humbucker pickups are the specific pickups (recipe, formula, and build spec) that our friend, mentor, and hero Mr. Les Paul wanted in the Les Paul guitar that was offered to musicians around the world. So as far as we’re concerned, we nailed it... and there’s nothing to change at this point! After almost 10 years (6 or 7 by Les himself and then 3 by us), we truly are beyond pleased with what we now offer the Les Paul players around the world, and wouldn't change a thing! 


Can I get your pickups without covers... with exposed bobbins?

Yes... of course! We do not have a shopping cart choice for that specifically per se... So simply choose the kind of pickup covers that you would otherwise have liked, and send us a small note with your order telling us to not solder your covers onto your pickups that you are ordering... its that easy!

How much is shipping costs?

Shipping anywhere in the United States is $19.95 - Anywhere else in the world is $49.95... and we send everything out via United States Post Office Priority Mail.

If you need special arrangements, please contact us directly at and we do our best to accommodate you.

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