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So… Do you need short or long shaft pots?

This is a common question with regard to Les Paul guitars, and is probably the most asked question we get. Les Paul guitars do use both, depending on the model of course. We recommend measuring the threaded portion of the pots you have already, if at all possible. If the threaded portion is 3/8" long, then you need a short shaft pot. If it is 3/4" long, then you need a long shaft pot.  Generally speaking the only Les Paul’s that would call for short shaft pots are the very early vintage ones… or any of the modern Custom Shop Historic and Reissue stuff, like your R9 Models, True Historics, etc. Almost all other Gibson USA Factory Les Paul guitar such as Standards, Traditionals, Classics, and so on require long shaft pots - due to the thickness of the top. But we recommend that you check your guitar or do a search for your make and model specifically.

The reason there are two different pot lengths is due to the thickness of a guitar's top. For the most part, modern production Gibson Les Paul Standards have long shaft pots. 1950's Les Paul's and historic spec LP's as well as SG, and hollow body guitars have short shaft pots. There are exceptions to everything, so it is always best to check your pots before ordering.If you are still unsure, then just go with a long shaft pot, because you can use an extra nut to adjust the length (how much extra threaded shaft sticks through the top of your guitar) accordingly. We hope this answers your questions… and we look forward to fulfilling your order!


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